Whistling past the historical graveyard…

From the Oct. 31, 1934 Kendall County Record, published at Yorkville, Ill.:

Farm and homeowners in Kendall county need have little fear that their elm trees are in any immediate danger of being killed by the Dutch elm disease in spite of apparently prevalent reports to the contrary, says Farm Adviser W.P. Miller.

At present the tree disease is confined entirely to an area about 25 or 30 miles wide around the port of New York with the greatest concentration of infected elms in the vicinity of East Orange, N.J.

The only known means of control is the destruction of the diseased trees, it is explained.

Ah yes, no need for fear about Dutch Elm Disease.

From the June 22, 1961 Oswego Ledger:

The dead and dying elm trees in the Village of Oswego number in the hundreds at the present time. It is conceivable that in another few years there will be no elms at all growing in the area.

It is hoped that all residents who presently have dead or dying elms are planning on planting some new trees to take the place of those that must be removed.

Yep, no need for fear about Dutch Elm Disease. Sort of reminds a person of global warming in a way, doesn’t it?


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