The best fish sandwich in the area…

Updated Feb. 27…

So having nothing better to do, I’ve decided to try the fish sandwiches at every place in the area that offers them, and then report my findings. Which are not at all scientific, but still, I feel this is my bounden duty.

So far, we’ve tried the sandwiches at Burger King, McDonald’s (naturally), Culver’s, Elmer’s in Montgomery, White Castle, and the seasonal sandwiches at Wendy’s and Arby’s.

Best fish sandwich tested so far is Culver's. You can't lose with either their regular cod sandwich or their excellent seasonal walleye sandwich. Eat up!

Best fish sandwich tested so far is Culver’s. You can’t lose with either their regular cod sandwich or their excellent seasonal walleye sandwich. Eat up!

The results so far: Culver’s still rules, both with their regular cod sandwich and their seasonal walleye sandwich. Both are cooked perfectly, and are served hot and with plenty of the all-important Culver’s proprietary tartar sauce.

Second place is now Burger King, which is strange because I’ve had some bad BK experiences over the years, the top one being when my daughter ordered a Caesar salad and was asked what kind of dressing she wanted on it. Anyway, the BK fish is a winner. The fillet was nice-sized and tasted good. It was no Whaler–the really great fish BK served back in the day–but it was good, complete with enough tarter sauce, not too much lettuce, and pickles. Quibble: The bun was none too fresh, but was acceptable.

Third place is now the fish slider from White Castle. The little fillets were perfectly cooked, the buns fresh, and the onion ring side pretty darned good. Also really liked the Zesty Zing sauce. Tartar sauce would be a big plus, but the Zesty Zing is a great substitute.

Fourth is Arby’s seasonal sandwich, which was surprisingly good. I am not a big Arby’s fan, but I was pleasantly surprised by their fish sandwich. The onion rings, for fast food rings, weren’t bad, either. Points off for seasonal availability, though, letting White Castle nose ahead.

Fourth is the old standby, McD’s Filet-o-Fish. The quality is generally good, the sandwiches are served relatively hot and crispy, and you can’t beat McD’s fries. Unfortunately, the fillets seem small, and are sometimes overwhelmed by the cheese slice.

The Elmer’s sandwich consists of two cornmeal breaded fillets on a bun. It wasn’t too hot. Literally.

The Wendy’s sandwich was a real disappointment, coming in last. Wendy’s food is generally pretty good, but I’d advise against trying their seasonal fish sandwich.

Gotta sort of watch my fried food intake, but I’ll be updating this as we make the local rounds. Because I believe this is my civic duty. Really.


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