So now even FOOD goes out of fashion?

We like pot roast around the Matile Manse; always have. Pot roasts are not the fanciest cuts of meat, but oven roasted (NOT cooked in a crock pot) with carrots, onions, and potatoes, they are good, traditional American fare.

And as those of you who love their pot roast know, there are two kinds, blade cut and round bone. At least there used to be.

We’ve always been a round bone family. My dad taught me the difference in quality between round bone and blade cut roasts when I was but a youngster. Blade cut roasts are dryer and stringier; round bone roasts are much more moist and tender.



But we’ve been noticing over the past several years that round bone roasts seem to have disappeared. Instead, we’ve been seeing what used to be round bone roasts with the round bone removed. Finally, today when my wife was shopping at the local superstore, she asked the butcher on duty whether he had any round bone pot roasts. No, he replied, those are old fashioned. They now cut the bone out, which is then sold in three-packs separately.

Of course, deboning a round bone roast pretty much defeats the whole idea of getting a more tender roast by cooking it with the bone in. I asked my wife if maybe we could buy one of those round bone three packs and sort of reassemble one of those old-fashioned round bone roasts. She looked at me like I was nuts. They leave the bones in blade cut roasts, of course, because it would be too difficult to cut it out. So the goal seems to be to make sure both cuts are dry and stringy.

Ah, for the good old days when my grandparents and aunts and uncles would come over on a late fall day and we’d butcher a couple steers my dad had been fattening on corn, along with a couple hogs, cut the meat, divvy it up amongst all those who helped and fill the old International Harvester deepfreeze in the basement. On the other hand, doing that these days might exercise the neighbors, not to mention the health department…

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