History now!

Oswego High School senior class trip, 1954. Photo taken at Ethel’s Old Heidelberg restaurant (“Home of the Famous Rathskeller”), 14 W. Randolph Street, Chicago. IDs by members of the Class of 1955, September 2012.Left to right, back row: 1. Janice Friebele; 2. Ruth Reynolds; 3. Elizabeth Jane Goudie; 4. Bill Strukel; 5. Roger Schillinger; 6. Jerry Cowger; 7. Jim Plocher; 8. Dean Shoger; 9. Elnathan “Pokey” Claassen; 10.Jerry Traughber; 11.Herb Behrens; 12.Ron Schlapp; 13.Dan Rebhorn; 14.Russell Turner; 15.Kathryn Gowran; 16.Barbara Davis; 17.Leah Baker; 18.Regina VanDeventer; 19.Bill Lewis; 20.Barbara Dudman; 21.Wilma Penn.Front row: l. T.Lloyd Traughber; 2. Mrs. T. Lloyd (Georgia) Traughber; 3. Ron Akerlow; 4. Bill Betzwiser; 5. Bob Nelson; 6. Gene McDowell; 7. UNKNOWN; 8. Connie Smith; 9. Pat Smith; 10 Lois Risser; 11 Donna Ritter; 12 Ken Pickerill; 13 Jackie Pickerill.Absent from the photo: Sandra Nutt, who died in an automobile accident on Ill. Route 25 at Bereman’s Curve before graduation, plus David Rogerson and Ralph Smith. Bus driver at the head of the table is Stanley Peterson.

It’s nice to have historical relatives. This morning, when my two sisters stopped down at the Little White School Museum to chat, I showed them two photos Marge Traughber had donated a couple weeks ago. One was of the OHS Class of 1954’s senior trip to Chicago and the other was of the 1952 Junior-Senior Prom. And both figure thy can identify all the people in the two pix, with a little help from their friends (and some magnifying glasses).

I love instant historical gratification!

Best part of the 1954 senior class trip photo: Ken and Jackie Pickerill as a VERY young couple. They’re so young that Pick still has hair! Best part of the 1952 prom pic: a very young Stephen and Thelma Paydon attending as chaperons.

Update: By popular demand…which means whining prodding from Bert Gray, I’ve now included the 1954 photo, mostly to prove that Ken Pickerill really did have hair and that Jackie was beautiful, and that all those people in the photo were once young. Even T. Loyd is looking pretty slick in this photo.



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2 responses to “History now!

  1. Bert Gray

    So where are the photo? I wana see Pick with hair

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