The Jefferson Key…

Just read a book, via my iPod’s Kindle app, titled The Jefferson Key.

The plot of this thriller seemed like an interesting one, involving Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, pirates, presidential assassins, official and unofficial governmental skullduggery, and lots of action. And the plot was interesting.

However, this novel could have greatly benefited from some skilled editing. The modern pirate’s ship is referred to as a sloop. Sloops are single-masted sailing vessels with one fore and aft sail and a jib. This “sloop” was three-masted with square sails–in other words a ship-rigged vessel.

The author claims the mills at Jefferson’s Monticello produced corn and wheat. Mills don’t produce corn and wheat; farm fields do. Mills produce corn and wheat flour.

For me, these kinds of silly errors really get in the way of the story the author is telling.

Here’s the skinny: ASIN:0345505522 The Jefferson Key (with bonus short story “The Devil’s Gold”): A Novel. If you’re interested, I’d advise checking it out of the library; don’t waste your precious Kindle dollars.

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