History quickie…

So it’s August 1872 in Kendall County. The weather’s hot and humid. What do you look for as a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink?

From the Aug. 15, 1872 Kendall County Record:

Iced tea is now in season. It is very nice and appropriate served at evening croquet parties, and it will also be found refreshing and gently invigorating at the dinner hour. Those in the habit of using it assert that no drowsiness follows its use in hot weather, and it is therefore invaluable to people of sedentary occupation and habits.

That’s right; iced tea was a big hit 140 years ago. I imagine you have a few questions, like where did they get the ice? And who thought the whole thing up? Don’t know, but it’s still a pretty cool historical factoid, don’t you think?

This concludes our lesson in historical refreshments…

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