Doing history on a full stomach…

Historians, like armies, march and research best on full stomachs, so it’s been my lifelong goal to find the best of every kind of food in my general vicinity. Back in the day, for instance, the Main Cafe–now the Oswego Family Restaurant–had the absolute best root beer anywhere. It was Richardson’s, dispensed from a giant fake barrel.

Nowadays, though, I keep looking for the ultimate in various foods. For instance, the ultimate in french fries in Oswego is, hands down, Mr. Beef and Gyros over on Douglas Road by Fanny May. They also have a pretty good grilled dog they’ve named the Douglas Street Hot Dog.

The best cheeseburger in Oswego is produced at Portillo’s. Char grilled and served with the right amount of good stuff, it can’t be beat.

But you see the problem: The best cheeseburger is at one end of Douglas Road, the best fries at the other. These are the kinds of problems that we can only hope are solved by the geniuses at Fermilab…


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