Blogging in the 21st Century with a 19th Century mind…

So here I am with a brand new blog just like the Big Boys over at Daily Kos and Balloon Juice.

Unlike the purely political bloggers I so enjoy reading, my object here will be to impart a little of the history of the Illinois Fox River Valley–as opposed to the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin–with an emphasis on Oswego and the other towns south of the Aurora metro area.

There ought to be plenty of history to impart, too. The first settlers got here in the 1830s, promptly occupied  the “empty” land they found (much to the consternation of the land’s actual owners, the resident Potowatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa tribespeople) and proceded to build their homes and communities.

The result is what we find here today. Some of it is good, some not so good, but for me it’s home and has been for my entire life.

I don’t intend, of course, to rule out commenting on what’s going on today. One of my favorite activities as a weekly newspaper editor for nearly 30 years was writing editorials. And if the mood strikes, I shall certainly not shy away from doing the same thing here.

More later as history happens, and, as Jim Harvey used to say, let’s keep in constant contact…


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